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Brand: Radsails


  • 8.0
  • 10.0


The New Evo depower kite represents a radical departure from the usual fixed power 4 line kites.

The Evo depowers far beyond what you might expect, reducing the power of an 8 meter kite to the same as a 3 meter Radsail, when depowered. Yet delivering masses of lift and pull when its needed simply by pulling the new Evo depower bar towards yourself. The Evo keeps a perfect shape through all conditions with absolutely no wing tucking during turning and a faster forward speed which delivers more pull. Internal cross bracing is considerable, and contributes to the solid feel of the Evo, giving greater strength and a more refined profile. Rear bridle ines are attached to the sail farther forward than traditional designs, amplifying the turn rate and giving a much faster turn for the size, allowing you greater freedom and control with the larger Evo sizes.

Safety has not been compromised and the Evo has a tried and tested release system for both killing the kite and releasing the whole assembly, even under extreme loading, so you know it will be there when you need it.


  • 530 x 170 cm. Ripstop 42 gr.
  • Control bar 60 cm. 4 x 25 m.
  • Dyneema 250 kg.
  • Bridles 100% Dyneema


  • 648 x 176 cm. Ripstop 42 gr.
  • Control bar 60 cm. 4 x 25 m.
  • Dyneema 250 kg.
  • Bridles 100% Dyneema

The depower bar for use on the Evo range of power kites has been designed for ease of use and can be used on most other depower kites available out there.

The bar is simplicity itself with the bar being pushed forward for less power, and pulled back to the pilot for more power. Turning is by simply pulling one side towards the flyer and the kite turns that way. When in danger and you are attached to your kite, it will help to depower your kite and it will avoid loosing it.








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