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Brand: Starkites


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The ExA is Starkites new line of performance kites, designed to combine the feeling and manoeuvrability of a C-shape kite with the wind range of a flat kite for freestyle riders ready to push the limits. Taking advantage of all the latest technical innovations in the kitting industry, the ExA has been developed tough and technical for unrivalled performance.

The ExA special bi-and tri-radial hybrid structure generates and transmits the maximum possible power with the available wind.

The ExA helps you get the reaction rate and control developed specifically with freestyle riders in mind.

A total performer : try it and expect to be impressed!

Introducing the new way to perform! ExA 09 key highlights include:

Responsiveness & Steady power: highly responsive with steady power means enhanced kite loops abilities and precsision piloting.

Easy hook-in and -out: new-school unhooked tricks and moves such as ralley style are much simpler to execute!

Excellent hang-time: allows you to have more time to rip it up while in the air and execute old-school and big air style moves with a more fluid movement!

Adjustable bar pressure: you ride the way you want - the bar is adjustable according to how much pressure you want to ride with!

Developed in close cooperation with our international Pro riders Jan Marcos Riveras and Alex Soto, and pushed to its limits, the ExA 09 helps make freestyle riding instinctive to riders.

Starkites R&D team has devoted a large amount of time to testing and improving each detail of ExA 09. The result is amazing ... See for yourself!

As with all the Starkites products, the ExA has been developed using state of the art technology and our specialized know-how to make this kite a market leader.

The Auto Morphing Profile enables a dual action:

Exa 2009 1.jpg

1. Auto-stabilisation of the kite when it is located at the edge of wind window in gusty winds.

2. Double De-power allowing the kite to flatten the center profile in addition to reducing the angle of attack when sheeting out.

In more technical terms, the ExA s Central Strut Curve Curve is inverted and linked to the canopy by a fabric wall. This feature prevents the kites stalling in gusty winds and also increases the effect of sheeting in and out. Kites with standard struts change the angle of attack when the rider sheets in or out. The ExA changes both the center profile shape and the angle of attack which all leads to better de-power capacity using smaller movements on the bar.

Dual Bridle System

The bridle system is key to a kite s performance. With the ExA, we focused on developing the Dual Bridle System

Exa 2009 2.jpg

This bridle system will always keep the kite arch in the same shape and ensure power transmission to be complete. The bridle does not absorb or lose force, which makes you get a real and direct response from your kite.

In the Dual System, the central bridle keeps the leading edge in a constant perfect shape, and the lateral bridle gives direct power transmission while maintaining the best kite balance according to the kite s center of power.

ICE technology stands for Inner Curved leading Edge.

Exa 2009 3.jpg

The leading edge shape ensures minimal contact with water when the kite is on the water. It also guarantees a fast and easy re-launch.

Just power-up and pull one of the leader lines a few centimetres and it will re-launch the kite. No more swimming needed!

This is the same technology as developed for Starkites SBOW kite, a renowned model for its amazing re-launch capabilities.

Central Inflation

The ExA 09 is available in 2 versions - one with and one without Central Inflation - we want to satisfy all our customers needs and preferences (ask your shop what is available).

High Strength Structure

ExA Hight Strength Structure creates a very reactive kite thanks to its hybridal radial construction : 1/3 bi-radial and 2/3 tri-radial.

Fabric fibers are orientated in the same exact direction as the power is distributed from, which creates a strong and stiff structure that results in minimum energy loss, increased reactivity, easier contro and increased wind range.



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