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E-Mail: info@3e-kiteboarding.com



Extreme Explosive Elegance Kiteboarding or better said 3E kiteboarding is the latest Dutch kiteboarding brand on the international market. 3e started in January 2007. We are currently a world wide known brand and have dealers in many countries. The success of 3e kiteboarding is for the most part price and quality. At some point in January we found a major kiteboardingfactory that wanted to help us out and saw some potential in our plan. 3e’s plan was very clear: Change the scene with perfect boards, cool graphics and especially lower prices. We started of with a small amount of boards and this payed off really well. The first AR board was to flexible but luckily we managed to change this into the ultimate chop machine called Funis. We also build boards SOW for brazilkitesurfingschool or better said BKS. We want to have many people satisfied with our 3e boards instead of a few that can afford a very expensive board. 3E kiteboarding boards are build from the finest materials, by the best kiteboarding builders in the world.

As 3e kiteboards are build in a very famous factory with years of kiteboard building experience. We have solid proof that large brands have build there boards at the factory our boards are coming from. 3e is only working with the best designers, board shapers and board builders these days.