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Brand: North


  • 7.0
  • 9.5
  • 12.0


The 07Fabio represents the second generation of a high-performance snowkite in North’s softkite program. Let us make one thing clear right from the beginning…we have developed an entirely new kite.

Never before have we built so many prototypes for the Fabio. The result is truly impressive. The 07Fabio is easier and more intuitive to fly than its predecessor. The kite’s response to the bar has been changed substantially and the steering forces are smooth and increase progressively. Even when de-powered there is good bar feedback. Pop and lift have been dramatically improved through the new profile without compromising stability and the depower abilities are enormous. Whether you are hooked or unhooked the kite turns fast with great precision and balanced, constant pull. Even steep hills can now be climbed with ease.

Experts will also appreciate this kite for its Vario Trim option that allows influencing the turning characteristics by simply changing the attachment points of the flying and bridle lines. Unleash the unique freestyle potential of the Fabio.

Differences Fabio 07 and Solid 07

With the Solid’s 16 cells, it is clearly aimed at the beginner/intermediate level compared to the 20 cells of the intermediate/expert Fabio. In terms of profiles and outline, the focus was also placed more on stability than on pure performance. With regards to handling, we designed both kites for an agile and progressive response. Bar feedback is linear when de-powering. Both kites can be individually adjusted with knots at the bar as well as through the de-power system on the kite. This leaves the rider the option of slightly reducing the basic pressure for a more agile handling. For the first time we used coated Dyneema lines for both kites. These spliced, black colored lines have a lower tendency to form loops and clearly reduce aerodynamic drag. The 07Fabio is again produced in an elaborate V-rib design that helps save several meters of line.


  • Intermediate to expert kite design
  • Open foil concept
  • Performance oriented profile and kite design for maximum pop, lift and gliding
  • V-tape construction for reduced line force
  • Solid stability
  • Fast and responsive handling
  • One pulley system for direct bar feedback
  • Huge windrange with direct depower
  • Easy launch and relaunch
  • Vario Trim
  • Highest quality materials and fully spliced dyneema lines
  • 07 Scepter bar
  • Innovative backcountry mountain backpack designed for pushing the limits in snowkiting


Kite Manual PDF

Kite Manual PDF

Product PDF

Product PDF


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