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Brand: Takoon


  • 5'10"


The Kool fish is ideal for kite schools.

Its width and volume gives it all the stability and buoyancy of a bigger board. Its ease of use allows the rider to forget about their board and completely focus on their kite, providing a great all-round kiting experience right from the start.

The Kool Fish is really stable through the jibes, with good grip and rails that provide smooth carving turns. A true all-rounder, this board is forgiving, yet reassuring offering a great all round ride in almost all conditions. Its durable and proven construction is particularly well suited to schools.

The Kool Fish is not just aimed at beginners; underfoot, it’s a quick reactive board, ideal for cruising in light winds. With this new board you will be able to ride in light winds, small waves and in surf. It truly is a 3-in-1 board!

The Kool Fish, attractively priced and attractive looking will let you ride upwind easily, have fun in the chop and the waves, and improve your jibes. Its concept of kite + fun will give you your most memorable rides in light wind conditions.

Feel free to remove the straps and catch some waves when there is not enough wind for kite surfing. To top it off! It’s a great - close to indestructible - board that won’t suffer travel badly!

  • Length: 5’10"
  • Max. Width: 20"1/2
  • Max. Thickness: 2"5/8
  • Construction: ACS
  • Fin Set Up: Fin-Loc®, Thruster 10.5cm
  • Equipment: 3 foostraps



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