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Riding toeside, then 360 flat rotation with handle pass.

How To

1. Approach the wave toeside and unhook just before you hit it.

2. Start rotating around before you jump off the wave, this gives you already a 180° spin and makes the pass a lot easier.

3. As you leave the wave, look around with your head to the bar.

4. Lean forward to get your butt as close to the bar as possible and pass it.

5. Finish the rotation and grab the bar with your front hand and bring your front leg around.

6. Spot your landing, point your board downwind and bend your knees to absorb the landing.


  • Best conditions to perform this trick: 1m wave, sideshore to sideoffshore winds, flat area behind the wave for better landing.



Gunnar Biniasch How To Video

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