Flexdeck 2008

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Brand: Flexifoil



New slick graphics and branded footstraps combined with the winning asymmetric design, will make the new Flexdeck more desirable than ever. The new Flexdeck has been designed for both the beginner and intermediate Kite landboarder, looking for a smooth upwind ride with the occasional big air and back loop thrown in, very stable underfoot and always a popular choice for a new rider.

Flexifoil's kite landboards are the only kite specific boards designed purely for kite landboarding (downhillers need not apply!)

The shaped board accommodates more of the foot on the surface of the board, offering more control. This built-in bias gives the boarder an upwind advantage as it opposes the downwind pull of the kite.

The design allows the board to be shorter and lighter and the convex cross-section compensates for the riders weight. It also gives more heel leverage for easier control of the power of the kite and direction of the board. The Convex shape also prevents grounding of the board.



Flexifoil Flexdeck 2008 1.jpeg



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