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Brand: Airush


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Redesigned for 2004 the Flow is a very versatile performer, covering a great deal of different riding styles. Well rounded and extremely composed it is capable of delivering as much realistic performance as any expert kiteboarder would ever need, as well as offering a kite that is easy to learn with, offering masses of room for growth.

For the expert the Flow delivers more performance than most could ever need, but with a smooth power delivery that makes it unique within the range. Punchy with a steady pull, especially through the turns making the Flow an ideal expert?s transitional maneuver oriented kite. It is also ideal for the new style of contest riding that encompasses all the latest power moves such as bar passes and kite loops.

Wave riding is easy with immediate power flowing through the turns and constant torque through varied airspeeds. The moderately full profile develops much more usable low end power, yet it retains enough penetration through to the front of the window when fully powered to cover a very large wind range. Water launching is effortless, especially useful in surf, and the Flow?s solid nature makes it a very trusting kite in extreme conditions.

To the beginner the Flow offers a kite that has a huge range of performance to grow into, as well as providing solid, trusting, and easy to use power from the first day on the water. It's tough and durable with a wide wind range and stability that will give you both safety and dependability at idle as well as a lot of control on the water in gusty conditions.

Ability level

Beginner to Expert

Riding style

Suitable for all, but particularly effective for wave riding, aerial transitions, and new school contest styles. Great hang time and low end power.

Relaunch ability


Riding speed

Slow to Fast

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2004 Flow.gif



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