Flowers 2008

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Brand: Extreme Explosive Elegance


  • 130x38
  • 135x40
  • 140x42


Flowers has been designed by a young Dutch designed called Sanne van schie. He is a very talented designer and he has made a serie of boards for 3e kiteboarding. Flowers is specially designed for the freestyle riders that want to have there style showed on the board they surf on.

Flowers has a new ABS rail that carves even better than the rail the other kiteboards have. Spray has been reduced by this rail also. Flowers has Extreme pop ability and the perfect combination of a wood core combined with Fiberglas makes this board the ultimate big air / freestyle board. You will find Flexibility in every landing. This board will perform in most conditions Choppy, waves it doesn’t matter flowers will do it all!

Board stats:

  • Rocker: 3 mm
  • Rail: ABS
  • Top material: PBT
  • Core: Wood core / Fiberglas
  • Base material: PBT
  • Base Type: Flat
  • Fin type: Aluminum
  • Pads: 3D EVA Black
  • Straps: Neoprene covered
  • Grab handle: Neoprene covered







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