Flydoor 2009

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Brand: Flyboards


  • 140x41
  • 155x42.5
  • 165x46


The morst important Features, which harmonize to ensure you sensational riding performance, are:

  • Asymmetrical shape
  • Harmonic concave
  • Enormous weight reduction
  • 3D-Flex Control

Two board lines are available, leaving nothing to be desired. You'll be optimally equipped for any conditions with a choice of 3 different sizes (S, M & L) and a Two-Board-Strategy.

The FLYDOOR is best recommended for use in gusty locations and in light winds.

The features at a glance:

  • Concave Grip – (concave board bottom for even more performance and controlability)
  • Scratchproof Topsheets – Scratch& UV-resistant design-finish
  • Calculated 3D-Flex – Computer-assisted analysis of flex behaviour in synergy with extensive real-life testing
  • Ergonomic Toeside Outline – Asymmetric outline for more comfort in all situations
  • Flextip Chop Control – Further-developed flex-zones on the tips for wide range of use
  • Wide Stance – Wider insert positions for even easier landings
  • Wood-Foam-Core – Combination core for maximum weight savings on all FLYDOORS, without compromising durability. The bottom line is, you save almost a kilo with the FLYDOOR L!



Flydoor 2009 1.jpg



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