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Brand: Flyboards


  • S 128x38
  • M 133x39
  • L 139x43


The 2008 FLYRADICALS represent a consequent further development and refinement of last year's shapes.Widened Full Suspension Tips in combination with a microcell-wood core boosts the usable wind range considerably. In the higher wind range, you still have control without sacrificing planing performance.

In combination with the new 2008 FLYBOARDS Pad/Strap System, the ride is comfortable with maximum grip.

The FLYRADICAL range is available in three sizes, S, M and L.

The flat rocker line combined with the Full Suspension Tips provide light wind board performance, but remains optimum controllability in bigger wind conditions as well. The range offers a board for each rider with just the right dimensions for maximum wind range, agility and controllability.

Flyradical S

A small board for big fun - the FLYRADICAL S. If you're in search for a small board for big days, we've got the board for you! Slightly stiffer than our other FLYRADICALS for maximum 'pop' and edging performance. Waves or flat water, the FLYRADICAL S with 128x38cm won't let you down and makes extreme conditions controllable. Your best day on the water just got better.

Flyradical M

At 133x39,5cm the golden middle of this year's FLYRADICAL palette. The FLYRADICAL M impresses with early planning and a very balanced handling thanks to the widened Full Suspension Tips, you'll reach maximum heights with minimal effort! The wider tips give maximum 'pop' and the new thinner ABS edges makes loading up for a jump child's play. In combination with the microcell-wood core and slightly more scoop in the tips, you can also ride the FLYRADICAL M in waves and high winds. Combined with a FLYDOOR M, the FLYRADICAL M makes for a perfect two-board-solution.

Flyradical L

The biggest FLYRADICAL is the all-rounder in the FLYRADICAL range. With 139x43cm, a board was created providing its rider with superb planing performance without sacrificing its huge wind range. This board makes learning new tricks super easy, will forgive sloppy riding technique/landings and will surprise you with its 'pop' and upwind performance. A real multi-talent. The FLYRADICAL L is absolutely recommended as the perfect one-board kiting solution for heavier riders or as a light wind board for all New School kiters!


  • The new design is UV stabilized and they all have shining metallic colors on the top.
  • Much sharper rails than in 2007. Together with the new scoop – rocker line and the new flex, the boards will have better grip for high jumps and help you to get more control.
  • The outline around the tips is completely modified to optimize the full suspension function.
  • All boards are equipped with extended full suspension tips.
  • All boards have a 3D shape and are equipped with rail grabs.
  • The rails of the boards are in high signal red color. It helps a lot to find the board in darker weather or sea conditions.
  • The complete collection has a new “combo core” based on closed micro cell and wood. The inner wood core in the middle of the boards is 100 cm long and 8cm wide. This feature is integrated in the same size in all boards and helps to control the board more easy in rough conditions and simultaneously to ride the board more directly. Also the inserts find even better strength than before.
  • Our new strap system is completely revised. The pads have much more comfort, are individually adjustable, are easier to get into and find the right position.



2008Flyradical128-Top.jpg 128 Top

2008Flyradical133-Bottom.jpg 128 Bottom

2008Flyradical133-Top.jpg 133 Top

2008Flyradical133-Bottom.jpg 133 Bottom

2008Flyradical139-Top.jpg 139 Top

2008Flyradical133-Bottom.jpg 139 Bottom



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