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Brand: North


  • 5‘0“
  • 5‘3“


The Freestyle Fish concept is only a year old, yet it has been one of the most talked board in our range. What started as a concept project last year is now a category of it’s own in 2009. This has only encouraged us to continue pushing and developing the FSF for 2009. This year we’ve used the knowledge and experience of surf shaper Martin Littlewood to give a more “surfy” twist to this concept without losing the ease of use that made the Freestyle Fish so popular in the past. We’ve expanded the range to a bigger version to please the bigger riders and light wind freaks.

The result is two boards that will make the most fun of medium and small surf, light wind or even flat water freestyling.

Feel free to have a blast in conditions that you used to overlook; Onshore mush, wind swell… the freestyle fish will challenge you to have the most fun. You will still dream of being in Hawaii everyday, but it will ease the pain!

Both boards can be ridden with or without straps and all the accessories have been improved to achieve maximum comfort and performance. A perfect complement to your quiver bag!


  • Epic Sessions in crappy Waves
  • Easy to ride and jibe
  • Strapped or unstrapped
  • Custom Epoxy Wood Sandwich
  • Sky Hooks
  • Future Fin System



Freestyle Fish 2009 1.png

Freestyle Fish 2009 2.png


Sky Solbach Interview


Trim Tips