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Riding frontside and doing a turn on bottom of the wave.

How To

The bottom turn could very well be the most important maneuver to learn, as it is the foundation for what you do next.

1. Come down the face with as much speed as possible, you can always wash your speed off, so it’s better to have too much than not enough.

2. Depending on how much speed you have will determine how far out in front of the wave you can go to initiate your turn, but at the bottom of the crest of the wave is the general spot depending on what type of maneuver you are going to do, the more vertical you want to go the more drawn out you want to make your bottom turn, but with out sacrificing speed, so it’s key to have a good low center of gravity.

3. Spot where you want to head to or hit at the top of the wave

4. Drive hard off your back foot

5. Lean over your toe-side edge and open your body up

6. Set a the rail and drive though the turn holding the line you want to go

7. The key here is to start off with nice long turns focusing on the bottom turn, not what you are going to do next, that will come in time and naturally after a good bottom turn


  • The most important thing about doing any turn is kite position – you need to be doing the turn while you have no power or pull in the kite, so it’s all about having the kite set up in the optimal position before you do the turn. The best way to do this is by keeping your kite low and moving in the same direction as you with subtle adjustments while visualizing and anticipating your turns well before doing them.


Ben Wilson

Frontside Bottom Turn Ben Wilson 1 1.jpg

Frontside Bottom Turn Ben Wilson 1 2.jpg

Frontside Bottom Turn Ben Wilson 1 3.jpg

Frontside Bottom Turn Ben Wilson 1 4.jpg

Frontside Bottom Turn Ben Wilson 1 5.jpg


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