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Riding frontside and doing a turn on top of the wave.

How To

This turn is good for a fatter face with not much lip or for practicing for more critical turns.

1. Look for a nice clean open face

2. Your bottom turn can start early as you don’t need to get as vertical for this type of turn.

3. Hold your toe-side rail while driving off your back foot at a 45 degrees angle

4. When you get to the top of the wave start your turn by changing weight from your toe-side rail to your heel-side rail and arcing a solid rail turn

5. Hold this through the duration of the turn with an even amount of pressure on both heels but guiding with your back foot

6. Release your edge when you have finished the turn


  • The most important thing about doing any turn is kite position – you need to be doing the turn while you have no power or pull in the kite, so it’s all about having the kite set up in the optimal position before you do the turn. The best way to do this is by keeping your kite low and moving in the same direction as you with subtle adjustments while visualizing and anticipating your turns well before doing them.


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