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Brand: Slingshot


  • 5.0
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The Fuel has a legacy for innovation and high performance dating back to 2001. Over time the Fuel has achieved a legendary status of being the number one “C” kite; it IS the kite that all others attempt to imitate.

We know our core Fuel riders; we know what they want and demand. Fuel riders worldwide, including our pro team, require an expert level of performance, uncompromising power and unmatched durability to achieve top level riding. These are the performance characteristics of the Slingshot Fuel. The Fuel is as unique as its riders.

To ride a Fuel is a statement of power.

Key Highlights

  • Patented Slingshot Splitstrut “bolt on” technology: unmatched in flight kite stability
  • Patented Slingshot Onepump: the industry’s original, proven and patented single * point inflation system
  • Convertible 5 line or 4 line platform: 5 line for safety, launch assist and mastering new tricks - 4 line for ease of use and simplicity
  • Surf Tough Seams: contains tears in the canopy maintains repair costs to a minimum
  • Custom fuel Injection: allows custom tuning on the wing tip for Freestyle, Wake and Surf
  • Profire 5 line control bar: Active Stopper Ball equipped and below the bar de-power and TRIM – puts the convenience of front line de-power and TRIM within the reach
  • Active Stopper Ball: on-the-fly adjustment of chicken loop throw and eliminates bar pressure associated with sheeting in
  • Wave grenade: the only deployable 5th line on the market and no bow ties when your kite is in the surf
  • Slingshot Legendary Construction: bomber quality
  • Lifetime Rider Hotline Support membership


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Slingshot Fuel 2008 1.png

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