Fullstroke Cpt Rig 4L 2007

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Brand: Slingshot


  • 17"
  • 20"
  • 23"



Newly redesigned 2007 4 Line Full Stroke Bar

100% de-power can be achieved simply by pushing the bar away from you and effectively sheeting out.

New Aluminium Power Steering Dug Out

Reduces bar pressure/increases turning speed, prevents wear and tear on the chicken loop line and reduces weight

Below the bar de-power

Puts the convenience of front line power and depower within the reach of the rider.

Active Stopper Ball

On-the-fly adjustment of chicken loop throw eliminates bar pressure associated with sheeting in for more power.

Lock-N-Load Chicken Loop

Safe and immediate no load release in any situation.

Super grip leader lines

Easy to grab lines eliminate the discomfort on hands and reduces potential tangles when relaunching.

Center flying line safety system

Full de-power when engaged.

Yellow Power Ball

Chicken throw limiter established maximum chicken loop throw

Line winders

Keeps all of your kite line secure when not in use.

Removable Donkey Dick

Easy on/off donkey dick for convenience and security.



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