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Brand: Extreme Explosive Elegance



This is the new design of the 3e kiteboarding boards. availeble in red/white & silver/white. This board is made out of a wooden core for the flexiness of the board and we made them a little bit stiffer by putting a layer of fiber glass inbetween. In our older 3e .AR board we had to much flexibility for the heavier riders. when they popped out of the water the board would start bending because it had so much flex. In this new 2008 board we have taken out 5% of that flexibility wich was the major change in the boards. Now heavier rider got no problem with their pop anymore and we still provide the best flexibility you've ever had in a board. The funis comes complete with aluminium fins, 3D EVA footpads and Neoprene Grabhandle and footstraps.

General information:

  • Flextype: Normal
  • rider type: Beginner / intermediate / Expert
  • fin type: Alluminium
  • pad: Black 3D EVA
  • strap: Neoprene covered with soft fabric.

Board stats:

  • Rocker: 3 mm
  • Rail: ABS
  • Top material: PBT
  • Core: Woodcore / Fiberglass
  • Base material: PBT
  • Base Type: Flat
  • fin type: Aluminium
  • Pads: 3D EVA Black
  • Straps: Neoprene covered
  • Grabhandle: Neoprene covered.









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