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Brand: Takoon


  • 7.0
  • 9.0
  • 11.0
  • 13.0



  • Freestyle, Hang time, Wave riding for experts
  • Huge wind range, simplicity, easy re-launch, safety
  • Equipped with the new Max bar which offers more reactivity and 2 bar size in 1
  • Single Inflation

Takoon is proud to introduce the new FURIA, developed in close relationship with our team riders. The target was an obvious one, to offer a kite with the best performance in freestyle and wave riding. Some people thought that flat profile kites couldn’t be efficient in freestyle, why? Takoon proposes today a technical and fast kite with the advantages of the Nova concept: wide wind range, easy re-launch and more safety in simplicity. The discussion is over, the result is here. The era of the Furia has come, available in 7, 9, 11 and 13m².

Are you ready to tame the Furia?

Rider Feeling

In the hand, the Furia is ultra light and responsive. The bar feeling is very direct (C kite like) to be precise while piloting. And piloting is the word because the Furia is a really fast kite, it easily allows kiteloops and big wave riding. Jumping ability is excellent with instant punch upwards and a huge amount of lift and hangtime. While riding, the kite never falls out of the sky. Depower is efficient, just push the bar on it slowes down, ideal for gusty conditions. Upwind ability is also excellent. The new MAX bar is easy to handle and to use.

The specific bridle system and the new kite shape give the kite more reactivity.

The new Dacron cloth on the tips offers more stiffness, and therefore more reactivity to the kite.

The Furia is a lighter kite (25% less than Nova2 for example) as it only has 5 struts, which are also thinner than before, and it’s a medium aspect ratio kite. All this makes the kite fly better, it never falls out of the sky, and it is ideal for wave riding and tricks.

This kind of flat profile kite offers a huge wind range and an easy re-launch by just pulling on a rear line. The overall performance of the kite was increased but not to the detriment of other aspects.

Which rider for the Furia?

Experts riders who are looking for high performance C-kite feeling combined with wide wind range and depower which are traditionally only found in bridled kite. Riders who don’t want to make concessions on performance and turning ability. Riders from dedicated wave riders to intermediate freeriders, to pro freestyle.


The level of security of the FURIA is at its highest level thanks to its shape. In depower position without stopper, the kite goes neutral and lands without any more power. The kite is held only by its leading edge. The rider stays connected to the kite through the harness loop.Using the stopper to untwist lines reduces the safety aspect; it is advised not to grip it too much. The control system remains equipped with a regular quick release in case of emergency and also has a safety leash.

Relauching without swimming

By pulling on the rear line, the kite moves to the edge of the window and is ready for relaunch. No need to swim towards the kite to make it rotate. No need to re-load a safety system after a "safety action".

The attention to detail

No detail has been forgotten on the Furia build quality.

First of all the Single Inflation system allows to inflate the kite in one go. You save time before and after the session.

How does it work?

Each strut is designed independently. They are all linked to each other, which mean you can inflate your kite all at once, with the valve on the leading edge, without losing time or pressure. Each strut have 2 valves, one air locked to inflate and one without air locked to deflate. If you’re still in a hurry, deflate only the leading edge. Advice: close the valves when you’ve finished deflating so that you can inflate the kite faster next session.

You can trim your back line position connection.

The “wave” position makes the kite turn with more skid and less power, which is ideal for wave riding. The “tricks” position makes the kite turn on the tips, ideal for unhooked tricks. The depower is more efficient and you get more bar pressure. The Furia is delivered with the medium trimming. New connectors on each trim position make it easier to change the trimmings faster.

The Furia has been designed with long front panels.

The panels have been cut asymmetrically to prevent ageing of the kite. The struts have been designed so as to be stiffer. The Furia gets reinforcements at the critical points. 3D bumpers on leading edge and TPU reinforcements on trailing edge.

The quality bridle system is optimized.

The Furia comes with a new pump leash connection.


Warning, these wind ranges are indicated for an intermediate rider, weighing 75kg, riding a 128*38cm.Up to you to adjust according to the spot you ride in.

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Product PDF

Product PDF


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Action Video

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Technical Video



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Trim Tips

Bridle Length

Bridle Length PDF

5th Line Manual

A Furia 5th line option is proposed. You just have to take off the bridle and connect the kite in 5th line configuration. Then you will obtain more reactivity, less bar pressure and less depower.

5th Line Manual PDF