Fusion 2004

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Brand: Airush


  • 142x38
  • 150x38
  • 158x41


The Fusion Boards are purist bi-directional boards. The bi-directional rocker offers the ultimate in lateral stability and is ideal for carving moves. In waves their carving ability gives drive and speed throughout the turn allowing the rider to make the best possible use of the wave, with minimal kite power usage. The fin setup prevents crabbing of the board through the water, and give the Fusion phenomenal upwind performance. All Fusions have fins in the nose and can be ridden backwards if needed. The riding characteristic changes in reverse, requiring more power, so many people prefer to switch their feet from one tack to the other. The 158 is the light wind machine, planning hard and fast in the lowest wind environments, whereas the 150 and 142 are higher wind boards, offering control and versatility in more demanding conditions. The Fusion fins have been completely reworked for 2004, using G10 asymmetrical profiles and sizes are tuned throughout the range.



2004 fusion 142.gif 142

2004 fusion 150.gif 150

2004 fusion 157.gif 157



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