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Brand: Mr Kitesurf


  • 7.0
  • 9.0
  • 12.0
  • 14.0


G-force is easy to handle while keeping a great level of performances. It is the perfect weapon for all the style. You choose what you want to do: free-ride, wave riding, or wake style.

G-force is very stable and re-launches really well, the de-power is great : if you free the bar, it lies down on the tip, waiting for you to re-launch it. G-force is a light kite, stable and easy to re-launch. This new generation is more rigid in the air and has more reactivity. The new shape brings solutions to modern freestyle. Kite loops, unhooked riding. You can ride un-hooked easily. Feedback is terrific and there is no gap in the kite rotation. The bar feeling is direct and gives accurate kite control. With the bridles system, the de-power is more efficient. G-force can take you really high when calling jumps and the hang time is really good . You will appreciate the power range, the turn ability and the incredible pop.

The high performance profile creates a very fast G-force kite. By integrating a new tip shape from aerodynamic research and by minimizing the bridles, we reduced drag and increased performance and speed.

G-force is the new kite to progress till the best level. It always delivers predictable and controlled jumps even if your take-off is not perfect.


  • The best material, construction and pulley in the market.
  • Reinforced leading edge and flat sewing with additional layers of adhesive strap for a no limit kite.
  • Single inflation point for rapidity and simplicity.
  • Untwist design.
  • No complicated bridles.
  • 2 leach attachment points (Un-hooked or wave riding).
  • New aerodynamic profile for higher performance.



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