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Brand: Globe Kites


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The Trix is a 4 line hybrid kite with 100% depower ability. The Trix is fitted with the GK patented A-KPO allowing the kite to fully depower but maintain rear line tension for controlled steering. (see A-KPO). The Trix strut profile is full and slow for improved performance in low apparent wind speed situations such as when the kite is in the edge zone after a big cut back on the wave. The full profile of the foil also produces predictable, controlled power in the centre of the power zone, giving the wakestyle riders a more manageable forgiving kite. The arc of the Trix is hybrid and the leading edge sweeps back allowing for easy relaunch off the rear lines. There is no need for complicated and frustrating 5th line systems that threaten your kite every crash.

The perfect kite for wakestyle and waveriding. Low aspect, full profile, c-shaped kite with A-KPO bridle for auto-adjusting front line connection points and adjustable feel.


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