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Brand: Globe Kites



Once set up, your bar and lines require very little care or maintenance. Rinse with fresh water after use and avoid heavy weights or sharp abrasive objects on top during storage.

Bar Setup (already done when delivered)

First lay out the lines from left to right in the following order; red, grey/red, grey/black, white. The ends with small tags describing the length of the lines attach to your kite. The other ends attach to your bar. You will need to assemble the sliding safety system. Slide the grey pigtail through the centre of the red stopper ball and then through the steel ring. Attach your grey/black line to this pigtail. Your leash attaches to the other end for immediate and complete disarming of the kite in an emergency. Alternatively, for instant total depower, connect your leash to the attachment point next to your chicken loop as seen in the picture. Next, connect the grey/red line to the other knot above the trim strap. Now connect your outside lines to the color-matched leader lines from your bar.

There is a PU locker stopper attached to the chicken loop. You can use this to avoid accidentally unhooking when fully sheeted in. Simply slide the Velcro around your spreader bar, behind the hook and slide the plastic stopper through the webbing. Secure the Velcro.

There is a leash connector attached to the red end of your leash. Attach this to your harness bar in the same way you attached the PU Locker. Your bar is now ready to go.





Trim Tips