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  • Libya


  • South
  • Southeast


  • March
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The Ghibli is a hot, dry, usually south to southeasterly dust-bearing desert wind, that occurs in Libya throughout the year, but most frequently in spring and early summer. Ghibli (aka chibli, gebli, gibleh, gibli, kibli) is a local name for the Sirocco. In analogy to the Sirocco the Ghibli is caused by Mediterranean depressions tracking east entraining hot air from the desert region ahead of them.

Ghiblis can last for days and can make life miserable and is therefore feared by the desert dwellers of North Africa. El-ghibli can have profound effect on the landscape by moving vast quantities of sand. The passage of the depression is marked by a cold front bringing Mediterranean air and a sudden drop (up to 20°C) in temperature.

Ghibli 0000000003.gif

Ghibli sirocco map.gif

Source: WeatherOnline

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