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08 Guroo: The perfect kite for a beginner

In response to instructor and kite-school requests for a new model to fulfill beginner and training requirements for a simple, effective, and highly-dependable training kite, Best Kiteboarding is proud to announce the new Guroo SLE.

The Guroo is designed to be incredibly stable, easy to relaunch and robust enough to survive the rough and tumble that comes from repeated beginner and instructor use. Built to the same specifications as the rest of the 08 product line, the Guroo benefits from our exclusive Canopy Framing Technology and Load Flex seam construction. A deep profile draft and low aspect ratio deliver a kite that generates good power in low wind without any trace of backstall, yet depowers easily, allowing learners to advance their riding skills in any wind condition.

Designed to a three-strut plan with a pulley-linked front and rear bridle arrangement, the Guroo offers improved relaunch in all conditions and simplifies the leashing arrangement for maximum safety.

The Guroo is designed expressly to be the most practical and reliable instruction kite and is intended to offer the perfect stepping stone towards owning your first kitesurfing kite and becoming a safe and competent rider.

Not only is it the best kite for a beginner that we've ever made but it is also available to schools at an amazingly low price.

Design Characteristics

  • Low Aspect Ratio
  • 3 struts
  • Deep profile draft
  • Back and front bridle connected via pulley - 2 pulleys
  • Separate inflation of each strut and the LE
  • Membrane valves in the struts
  • Mid bar pressure and mid to long sheeting range for (AOA) Angle of Attack change. This makes the kite easy to fly and forgiving to incorrect bar input.
  • The kite is very stable and will not overfly or backstall.
  • Construction is identical standard to our entire 08 range.


Reduced Aspect Ratio

Beginners want a kite that is easy to control, handles well and is simple to relaunch. The Guroo is shaped to deliver great bar feedback, allowing beginners to concentrate their efforts on improving their board control skills, without having to worry about the kite.

SLE Design

A 'supported leading edge' kite delivers more power per square meter and has a much greater wind range than any C-kite. Incredibly easy relaunch and easy handling make it the ideal choice for any beginner kite.

Pulley Linked Bridle

A limited range of bar movement gives easier control and maximum stability in all conditions. A more stable kite with less bar travel enables beginners to progress their riding skills faster.


Canopy Framing Technology provides lightweight reinforcement to protect the entire canopy of the kite. Positioned between the canopy and airframe of the kite, CFT ensures the Guroo is resistant to repeated crashing, making it perfect for dedicated school usage.

Load Flex Seam

A 3-ply webbing-reinforced leading edge seam adds bomb-proof durability to the Guroo. Able to withstand higher inflation pressure, a Load Flex LE seam provides the kite with a rock-solid backbone for handling adverse wind conditions.

Highest Quality Materials

The Guroo is built exclusively from Teijin Rip-stop and Dimensional Polyant Dacron. Despite its competitive price point, the Guroo only uses the highest quality available fabrics as used throughout our entire 08 kite range.

Solid Airframe Construction

Lasercut airframe junctions allow for a higher degree of construction precision and reduction in kite weight. The Guroo is lighter and more robustly constructed than any beginner kite.

3 Strut Design

A reduced strut count combined with the Guroo's low AR provides the perfect balance of canopy-shaping support and all-in flying weight, allowing it to perform perfectly at both the upper and lower limits of its wind range.

If you want to learn on a Guroo then you will have to take lessons at an approved Best Kiteboarding Kiteschool.



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