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The Guroo has been created to fulfill kiteboarding instructor demands for a simple, effective and utterly dependable training kite. Built Surf Tough like the rest of the ‘09 product line, the Guroo is robust enough to survive seasons of school use.

Its three strut plan shape, deep profile, and low aspect ratio generate solid power in low wind conditions without any trace of backstall. A pulley-linked front and rear bridle set-up depowers easily while retaining maximum stability, allowing learners to advance their riding skills in any wind condition.

The Guroo is designed to be the most practical and reliable instruction kite, providing the perfect stepping stone towards owning your first all-around kite and becoming a safe and competent rider.


Canopy Framing Technology

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Crashing your kite is a fact of life. Every single Best kite is designed with the ultimate reinforcement system, Canopy Framing Technology. The entire perimeter of each canopy panel on the is supported with a continuously-curved reinforcement zone, isolating the canopy from impact loads and delivering durability based on sound engineering. CFT is a unique approach to the tasks of distributing shock loads and effective transfer of TE tension across the canopy of your kite and you'll only find it on Best kites.

With CFT, a lightweight but incredibly strong "buffer zone" is stitched into the canopy sections and between the airframe and canopy joins. Due to the unique continuous curved shape of CFT, impact energy is harmlessly circulated around the kite until completely dissipated.

Woven Spectra Servicable Pulley Lines

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High strength, wear-resistant, 4mm thick braided pulley lines with precision Ronstan pulleys provide friction-free depower action. Combined with our revised VP2 bridle design, they deliver unbelievable depower and wind range.

Because we understand that parts might wear out eventually we make replacing the pulley insert lines a two minute job, and the pulley inserts are available as spares separately from the rest of the LE bridle to help keep the cost of essential maintenance to an absolute minimum.

3D Kevlar Airframe

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All leading edge and strut joints on your kite are laser cut, 3D shaped and Kevlar tape reinforced. Sure it takes a little longer and costs a little more to build kites this way, but there is no better way to connect the leading edge to the struts. Our construction gives the lightest and most durable inflatable kite structure available, yielding a kite with exceptional performance and easy handling for riders of all abilities.

Load Flex Seam

Guroo 2009 Features 4.jpg

The tip-to-tip leading edge seam on all of our kites is triple stitched with a full length webbing tape closure on the outside. The inside is fully taped with a full length Mark cloth strip for maximum strength with all internal seams being smooth-taped to protect the bladders from any ridges of stitching.

The Load Flex seam design provides additional support to the leading edge helping to provide maximum strength and stability to your kite; it is one of the reasons why Best kites are famed for their legendary flying stability.

Kevlar Wingtip and LE Elbows

Guroo 2009 Features 5.jpg

However and wherever you ride, your kite will come into contact with the ground at some point. Our Kevlar reinforced LE and wingtip patches give maximum abrasion resistance to protect your kite, even when self-launching in less than ideal situations. If you want your kite to last season after season then it has to be built Surf Tough.

Membrane Strut Valves

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All Best kites now come with membrane strut valves for easy and rapid inflation without having to pinch or cover the strut valve. A new temperature independent valve material has been developed that works equally well in extremes of hot or cold ensuring trouble free operation and inflation no matter where you ride.

Trailing Edge Battens

Guroo 2009 Features 7.jpg

Precision-tolerance fiberglass battens support the trailing edge canopy section and smoothes the airflow over the trailing edge. Improved aerodynamics ensure faster turning and silent maneuvering, while our smooth pocketed mark-cloth construction delivers outrageous durability.

CFT Reinforced Trailing Edge

Guroo 2009 Features 8.jpg

All of our 09 kites benefit from our exclusive CFT reinforced trailing edge. Adding CFT to the leach line helps provide razor-sharp turning response and unmatched durability. CFT helps reduce the damage incurred by leaving kites flapping in the wind.

Linked Front and Rear Bridle

The linked front and rear bridle of the Guroo helps increase the back line feel of the Guroo, making it an easier kite for learners to fly. A more positive back line tension allows riders to feel what the kite is doing, helping them to concentrate on their board skills without having to worry about the kite. Linking the front and back bridles also allows the kite to relaunch more quickly across a wider range of wind speeds. A linked front and rear bridle trades some performance for easier handling characteristics.

Three Strut Design

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A low aspect ratio, three strut layout makes the Guroo easy to handle and fast to relaunch. A deep draft delivers plenty of low end grunt to help keep beginner riders on their board rather than in the water. Wide wingtips with a linked front and rear bridle help provide fast tight turning to help keep experienced riders on the same wave all the way from the break to the shore.

Surf Tough

Guroo 2009 Features 10.jpg

Surf Tough describes how we build in the absolute highest quality with every kite that we make. There are no short cuts to great performance and lasting durability. We take pride each and every kite that we make and that's why you will find Surf Tough features on every inflatable kite that we build.


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