Hadlow Pro Bar 2008

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Brand: Flexifoil



Designed exclusively for use with the HadlowPro kite. Tough, adaptable and built with the requirements of the 4 x PKRA World Champion in mind.

HadlowPro Bar Performance Features

Ultimate Grip

For assured handlepassing.

Soft-Section Bar-ends

For handlepass comfort.

PU Tubing Centre Line

Fits into the bar’s centre hole tightly providing you with a connected feel to the kite. The PU tubing is also comfortable when holding the centre line between your fingers, great for holding the bar when performing wakestyle tricks.

Clean Bar Setup

The bar has been designed to be as clean as possible – having nothing to tangle minimises the chance of anything going wrong in a minute heat.

Leader Line Floats

Protect your hands and make the bar easy to find after stacking it!

“Unhook” Chicken Loop

Included with the bar so you can hook in and out easier with one hand. A stiff section between the bottom of the centre line and the start of the chicken loop makes hooking in and out even simpler. The chicken loop is also equipped with a swivel so you can unspin the front lines quickly whilst riding.

Flying Lines

Flying Lines are supplied with Bar.

  • This Bar can be used with all 'C' shaped 5-line kites on the market.



Hadlow Pro Bar 2008 1.jpeg



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