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Brand: Airush


  • 7.0
  • 10.0
  • 14.0


Airush's new Halo kite is a second generation BOW Kite; developed specifically for intermediate to advanced riders looking for increased security, depower, and efficiency.

The Halo combines Airush's legendary profiles and shaping techniques with a focus on reduced bar pressure, increased upwind ability and stability. It also features an optimized bridle configuration for maximum ease of use, and safety.

Turning characteristics are optimized by increased vertical components in the wingtip and flexible wingtip strut connection points.

The bar system features a 1-2 purchase on the outside flying lines, this ensures that the bar can be reached once released. In addition this feature improves the turning characteristics.

A load return system assists in minimizing bar load as the kite is sheeted out. This returns the bar to the base of the depower line if the kite is crashed.


  • Reduced bar pressure
  • Increased upwind ability and stability
  • 1-2 purchase bar system
  • Increased wind range through patented BOW kite design.
  • High performance foil and refined plan form.
  • Reduced bar pressure through load return system
  • Optimized Bridle system with limited pulleys for maximum reliability.



Halo 2006 1.jpg

Halo 2006 2.jpg




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