Halo Control Bar 2007

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Brand: Airush



The Halo control bar features an outside pulley mechanism. This creates a 2:1 sheeting ratio which doubles the amount of depower of the Halo over a standard bar for the same given bar movement. This feature is essential for depower ability, safety, and sheeting due to the large amount of wingtip sweep on the Halo kites.

Airush control bars are developed with a multiple focus of safety, reliability, and functionality. We have focused on these areas without loading the bars with gimmicks or limiting the core functionality. A completely fresh approach allows more advanced riders to customize their bar setup to individual preferences based on their unique requirements and riding style.

Trigger Release

In its second year, the Airush trigger release has proven to be infinitely reliable and remains versatile enough to suit all riding styles.

  • Trigger Release Safety with interchangeable harness line fitting.
  • New Retrofit swivel that can be fitted to most standard spreader bars allowing unhooked riding.
  • Line retaining loops.
  • Removable Floats.
  • Front line swivel.
  • 5m Dyneema outside leaders for increased safety.
  • Center Rivet with Anti-Snag sheath.

Barsystem trigger 2007.gif


DNA 2007 Bar Rivet3.jpg Machined Rivet

DNA 2007 Bar Rivet1.jpg Rivet in Bar

DNA 2007 Bar Stopper.jpg Optional Sliding Stopper



Barsystem halo 2007 1.gif



Trim Tips