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Brand: Caution


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Caution Kites is proud to announce our latest efforts in C-Kite Design. The 2008 Heckler is a swift flying and quick turning C-shaped wing built to offer our riders huge range and greater depower. With a 5th line supported reduced leading edge profile, wide wingtips and micro shaped struts we have made the perfect freestyle kite for unhooked moves, and power-style wave riding.

The HECKLER boasts an intense power curve upon the release of a loaded edge which is ideal for both sent and un-sent freestyle moves. The 2008 HECKLER bar dynamics features Caution’s legendary precision bar input and balanced bar pressure, both qualities demanded by our team riders. With the C5 Safety system you can forget about suicide leashes and ruthless crashes from failed unhooked moves. The 2008 Heckler comes rigged with the C5 5th Line depower system, taking the bite out of botched maneuvers and powered crashes. The off the shelf C5 5th line bar comes precision tuned and offers our riders the ultimate in C-Shape depower and easy relaunch, while giving riders the added safety of single point depower.

All HECKLERS can also be flown 4 line if desired and with phenomenal features such as “Progressive Aspect Ratios”, “Thin Diameter Leading Edge profiles” and Shaped Struts. The HECKLER is built with Caution’s legendary



  • Refined shape and profile for speed and stability
  • Caution’s proven Single Turbo Inflation System
  • Swift Turning Characteristics with multiple attachment points to control turning speed
  • Micro Shaped Struts

Durability and Materials

  • Quality materials from industry leaders such as Ronstan, Teijin and Cousins
  • Caution’s quality bullet proof construction
  • Glued and triple stitched seams
  • Double ply trailing edge
  • Low stretch panel layout


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