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Brand: Naish


  • 5.0
  • 7.0
  • 9.0
  • 12.0
  • 14.0
  • 16.0



The 2008 Helix defines the natural evolution of using technologies to adapt to the large depower range required in modern kites. If you are looking for the one kite to work in the widest range of conditions for all styles of riding, look no further than the 2008 Helix. The 2008 Helix emerges as the choice for intermediate through advanced kiters seeking the highest performance ride that excels equally in all areas.

Stability, turning, wind range, jumping, upwind ability, free riding, kitelooping, speed, freestyle, waveriding, easy water relaunch, all benefit from the engineering innovations incorporated into Geo-Tech and Sigma.

The static canopy tension provided by Geo-Tech results in a super clean and defined profile that provides solid response thru the entire depower range, and results in a kite with the widest wind range of anything on the market. The Sigma outline provides two significant advantages, first it changes the center of effort in the kite such that this point does not change during the depower range, and secondly Sigma allows the kites wingtip to twist in a manner that initiates lightening quick turning.


  • Sigma Shape
  • Geo-Tech
  • Supported Leading Edge


  • Octopus Inflation System
  • SLE 2:1 – 1:1 Control System
  • Tunable Bridle System


  • Naish Quality
  • Dual 2-ply trailing edge
  • Molded trailing edge reinforcement
  • Molded bumpers
  • Aramid patches
  • New internal aramid reinforcements
  • Vertical seam struts
  • Delta-cut trailing edge
  • 2 piece LE


Kite Manual PDF

Kite Manual PDF

Octopus Manual PDF

Octopus Manual PDF

Product PDF

Product PDF


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Helix 2008 4.png

Helix 2008 5.png

Helix 2008 6.png

Helix 2008 7.png




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Trim Tips

SLE Contol Bar System 2008

If you have a Naish Helix, you should check your bar and its line length. It can happen, that the trim is not set to the optimum, such as the front lines are too long and the back lines are too short, which can result into a back stall if you pull the bar in too much.

So, if you own a SLE Contol Bar System 2008 (Standart Loop), click below for the pdf sheet:

Naish PDF File