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Here you will a guidance on how to add content. Make sure to be logged onto the Wiki with your login data. If you don't have a login, please register HERE.

It is very important that you use the structure given to ensure the quality of the content.

Below you will find the sections, read here before you add your content.

Once you added your content, you can add yourself in the list of Contributors.



Existing Info


When you are logged in you will see for each section a "Edit" to the right, which lets you edit the specific section. If you want to edit the complete page, then click on "edit" on top of the page. Not all pages will have an edit, those sites are protected from editing.

Structure within a page

To get an overview over a page with lots of info, use the = to separate the sections. Click on EDIT on top of a page and see how it gets used for this site. Make sure to have the same amount of = before and after the headline of a section. The more = you use, the more the structure will get separated and the smaller the headline will be shown.


Stars will be used for a listing, see an example HERE. The 2007 results are listed with a blue square, which comes up if you use a star.


Pictures Already Online

If you want to add a picture, which is already online on another site, simply copy the address and add it to the wiki text editor


Pictures On Your Computer

To upload pictures to the Wiki, use this link:

Search your computer for the file and select it, then copy the Destination filename. Click the picture icon above the text editor field and paste the file name into the bracelets.


  • name the file on your computer, don't use just the names given from the digital cameras, this can lead to problems with the upload
  • do not overwrite other file names, if it happens that the system detects that there is already a file existing with that same name
  • the file should not be bigger than 150 kb
  • the pictures in the gear section showing the gear should not be bigger than 400 pixel. If your uploaded picture is bigger than 400 pixel, use this code directly behind the file name, before the bracelets: |400px
  • the pictures for the how to section should not be bigger than 640 pixel. If your uploaded picture is bigger than 640 pixel, use this code directly behind the file name, before the bracelets: |640px
  • don't use the pixel code if smaller than the 400 or 640 pixel.


Smaller than suggested sizes:


Bigger than 400 pixel in the gear section:


Bigger than 640 pixel in the how to section:



You can add videos into the KF Wiki. Fund further below which code to use.

Following sites will be supported:

On each page of the video you will find a code. The code is also the name behind the

Copy this code and paste it into this:


The code in this case is: Kiteloop_Backroll_Hooked

Copy the code and paste it into this:




Each youtube video has a code, find it just after the watch?v=

Some links look like this, so make sure to copy the code after the watch?v=' and before the &

In this case the youtube code is: Sh6vcN7gEek

Copy the code and paste it into this:




The vimeo code is the number at the end of the link after the clip_id=

In this case the vimeo code is: 1417032

Copy the code and paste it into this:

<videoflash type="vimeo"></videoflash>


<videoflash type="vimeo">1447460</videoflash>



How To

How To Example


Gear Example


Mark the word you want to add into the alphabetical order of the terminology section and click on the "B" above the text editor field to make it BOLD. Then write the explanation.


'''Airtime''': the amount of time spent in the air while jumping.


In the "Learn from Mistakes" section you can list accident reports and what we can learn from it.

Safety Example


Rules Example

Pro Riders

Pro Riders Example


List champions like this:

* 2008: [[Aaron Hadlow]] (UK)

This way it also links directly to the pro rider's page.


click here to see the page and click edit to see the examples:

Kiteboarding Records


Simple post the headline for the country (if not already listed) and then add the link and name:


[ Name-of-the-association-here]

Associations Example


To add magazine info mail to: info "aattt"


The contributors list is sorted by the last name. Please add your info exactly like the one below:

Braeuer, Toby - Germany - []