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What happened?

by nj kiter

So yesterday i awoke to the sound of thirty knot wind houling out side my bedroom window. So i got ready and headed out to my favorite place which would be the sholes in barnegat light. I sold my 9 that i used frequently. So i pulled out my trusty yarga. The session began on a good note. Surfing the head high surf, launching over them, and off of them. It was great all untll a bridal line on the kite snapped by my guess would be a mega gust.

Way out in strong current in the big waves toying with me while i was trying to swim in. Because the kite would not fly. The kite and the current were pulling me out even further to sea, so i released it from me and said goodbye to her and let go.

After that i swam in for about 30 to 45 minutes. Reached the beach and laid their for a while. Got my act together and left.

Something i found interesting i was out with about ten other kiters. And while i was swimming in, the current would pull me further away from the crowd. And no one stopped to offer help. All of them kept going on like it never happened. I am not complaining or anything. But it just goes to show you in life or death you really are on your own, that you cant rely on other people. I lost the kite that i learned on i did my first tricks downwinders and good time on it. But i am glad i made it back to land with those conditions.

What can we learn?

  • Check the conditions before you go out, knowing the currents and wind forecasts, they might switch to offshore winds.
  • Never ride out too far. Always keep in mind that you might need to swim back, and know how far you can swim back even with having less power the longer your session is.
  • If you feel you won't make it back to shore with your gear, let go of it, don't think twice.
  • Always watch other kiters being out with you, and if they are in trouble, ride there and help out. If you cannot help yourself, get help from other riders or the coast guard.