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Brand: Royal



The High Five was designed to create a board for riders wanting a true all around board to maximize their time and fun on the water. If you want to ride waves, jump, and explore all the facets that our sport has to enjoy, or simply be the first and last one on the water, look no further than the High Five. With a bomber sandwich construction, the multiple footstrap and FCS fin inserts can take you from wave, skim, race, or twintip board configurations and performance in the twist of a screwdriver. It’s as easy as 1-2...

Pads and Straps

Pads and straps represent a crucial aspect of a kiteboard. Feeling comfortable and safe can give you the confidence you need to push yourself that one notch further. Riders from all over the world rely on DaKine accessories and Royal Kiteboarding does as well.


MFC, is a world leader in the fin industry, is making his debut in the kiteboarding and has chosen Royal Kiteboarding as its showcase. We are proud to share this alliance with such an innovative force and you can expect nothing but the highest quality design and construction.



High-Five 2008 1.png



Trim Tips

Surf Board Setup

High-Five 2008 2.png

Race Board or Big Air Setup

High-Five 2008 3.png

Skim Board Setup

High-Five 2008 4.png

Twin Tip Setup

High-Five 2008 5.png