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A normal jump with a kite loop, being hooked.

How To

1. Get some speed, edge hard and jump, just like a basic jump.

2. Keep the kite at 12, until the top of the jump.

3. Pull hard with your back hand as you fall.

4. Point the board directly downwind for the landing.


  • To make the kite turn the fastest way possible, your back hand should be at the end of the bar to pull it.
  • The smaller the kite, the faster it loops.
  • When you do high kiteloops and in stronger winds, make sure to loop the kite all the way - do not stop the loop or you will crash hard. Just commit to it and go for it, without thinking twice.
  • The kite loops tighter if you depower it during the loop. If you pull the bar close to you and then loop it, it will fly a higher radius, be slower and more powerful.
  • Once the kite flies up again, power up the kite by pulling the bar towards you, this way it will cause a softer landing, since the kite will "catch" you.



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