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Kiteloop with a backroll being hooked.

How To

1. Fly the kite above your head.

2. Edge hard upwind and jump off.

3. Once you get the lift, put both hands on the backside of the bar and pull the kite around as hard as you can.

4. At the same time throw your head above your front should to do the backroll.

5. The backroll should be finished when the kite also loop all the way through.

6. Once the backroll is finished, see where your kite is. If already on the way up again, stop pulling on the bar, otherwise keep pulling it until the kite looped all the way through. When you stop pulling, move your front hand back onto the front part of your bar.

7. Spot your landing and fly the kite a bit forward.


  • don't ride too fast
  • if you want the pull of the kite loop less hard, fly the kite already behind the zenith and then start to pull it all the way through.
  • have your back hand close to the center of the bar and take your front hand next to it on the same side of the bar as the back hand, but as far as to the bar end as possible. Now you hold the bar like a laser sword.
  • initiate the the rotation not for a full 360 rotation, but rather like for a 180 (half) rotation, since the looping kite will pull you forward and finish the rotation for you. If you rotate for a full 360, then due to the kite pull you will over rotate and not stick the landing.
  • point your board downwind for the landing, since you will land with more sped than normal
  • once you initiated the kiteloop, don't stop to keep pulling on the bar, or you will crash hard.
  • wear an impact vest to practice this move, since crashed can be quiet hard and you are very likely to crash on your ribs.



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