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Brand: Caution


  • 135
  • 145


Check out the HUSTLER series of wide performance Twin Tip boards shaped by Jimmy Lewis! These quick to plane, easy to ride shapes are the ultimate smooth riding up-wind machines. These boards come equipped with Caution's world renowned ergonomic footpads with built in heal-stop and the best plush factor to density ratio in the industry. With the most comfortable and size accommodating foot strap on the market, Stainless Steele ¼“ 20 foot strap and handle inserts, lower profile carbon grab handle, and indestructible hyper foil G10 fins, this board blows all other wide series competitors out of the water. Our CNC machined Divinycell cores guarantee the best strength to weight ratio and are built to handle a little junk in the trunk. With Caution’s innovative tucked ABS rails, concave bottom and indented textured grab rails the HUSTLER series is an easy choice for even the most critical riders! The deep progressive concave tucked abs rails and wide profile give the rider the best possible up-wind performance, top controlled board speed and insane pop! Whether you are a newbie just starting out, a heavier rider or a skilled free rider, the Hustler is the best in it’s wide series class.

Hustler 135

The HUSTLER 135 has found its niche as a high performance freestyle board for heavier yet highly aggressive riders. Watching big boys huck kite loops with the HUSTLER 135 screams of a potential warranty nightmare, but the HUSTLER 135 has proven itself built to take big hits while delivering the flex characteristics that bigger riders want. The HUSTLER 135 also doubles as a great beginner board for smaller riders with solid tracking performance and sufficient surface area. Typically, beginner kitesurfers are challenged with inconsistent power control, and this is where the HUSTLER 135's ample surface area, rocker, and outline make it stable yet agile for the moderate sized beginner.

Hustler 145

The HUSTLER 145 is the perfect board for novices and XXL riders with its wide outline, deep concave bottom and moderate length. The HUSTLER 145's solid tracking helps maintain the riders upwind line while maintaing planing speed in variable wind conditions. Our Kitesurfing instructors rave about the HUSTLER 145. Beginner kitesurfers typically struggle with variable power control, but the HUSTLER 145 provides enough surface area for stability while its rocker and outline, make it agile and maneuverable.



Hustler 2008 135 1.gif 135

Hustler 2008 145 1.gif 145

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