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Brand: Flexifoil


  • 48
  • 54


5-line mode

To use the Ion3 in 5-line mode you need a 5-line kit.

Ion3 Design process

We use an integrated approach to the design of the kite and bar and strive to keep the number of moving parts to a minimum whilst still retaining complete functionality.

Bar ergonomics

The grip on the new bar is much softer and easier on the hands; it also features ergonomic bar ends to provide a solid connection point improving the overall feedback from the kite whilst turning. The soft over-moulding protects your hands when kite looping and enables easy line storage on the bar.

Proven single release system

The simplest yet most effective safety release system on the market. The primary release cover is always where you would expect to find it – just above your chicken loop so it’s quick and easy to find and activate. The simple reconnection process is intuitive, possible to do under the water and - with experience - one handed!

Centre line wear indicator

When the outer Dyneema® line fails due to wear the inner red line becomes visible. This internal line has enough strength to enable you to comfortably make it back to the beach even if you are a long way out.

Leader Line Floats

Protect your hands and make the bar easy to find after stacking it!


The Ion3 bar is fitted with the Flexifoil V-Core - the angled hole in the bar through which the centre line runs to vastly reduce centre line wear and help lighten the turn. The V-Core also allows you to turn and sheet-in at the same time.


The Ion3 bar has been designed to be retro-fittable. You can use the Ion3 bar with all Flexifoil hybrid kites (Atom, Ion, Atom08, Ion2).

Available in two sizes

48cm - best suited for Ion3 (7m, 8.5m, 10.5m)

54cm - best suited for Ion3 (12.5m, 14.5m, 16.5m)



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