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Baggage Allowance

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Excess Baggage

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Sports Equipment

The following Special Items are permitted as Free Baggage Allowance under Piece Concept on Domestic Travel. These Articles, regardless of the actual dimensions, (provided the Linear dimension of the Article do not exceed 140 Cms) will be accepted:

  • One sleeping bag or bedrool.
  • One rucksack / knap sack / back pack
  • One pair of snow skis with one pair of ski poles and one pair of ski boots
  • One golf containing golf clubs and one pair of golf shoes.
  • One duffel type bag or B4 type bag (duffel bag means a canvas cylindrical shape closed. At one end by means of draw ropes, and B4 means a suitcase type of hand bag Made of canvas with leather bindings and fittings and with expandable canvas Compartments on the two sides of the bag.)
  • One bicycle (single seat, touring or race bicycle, non-motorized, provided the handle-bars are fixed sideways and pedals removed ) may be accepted.
  • Any portable musical instrument not exceeding 45" (115 cms) in length.



Indian Airlines Baggage Policy


Air India (Indian Airlines Parents) trashed my kite bag and board.