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Brand: Flysurfer


  • 50
  • 60


Rotated safety leashes or frontlines finally belong to the past with the new INFINITY-BAR System. Endless rotations or kite loops in 1 direction are possible. Simply pull in the bar and all lines untwist easily to their original position.

New ergonomically shaped Soft-Grip-Winders ensure grip for superb hold during unhooked kite loops and handle passes. The inside of the winders is equipped with soft bar grip which gives the rider optimum comfort.

V-Shape Bar eyelet made of high-grade premium steel. Even with a steered in bar (45 degree angle) the depower function is still friction- and effortless. The steel eyelet construction ensures longevity and a minimum of wear. Reduced Bar-Diameter: Smaller bar diameter ensures strain less grabbing and holding of the bar for more prolonged kite sessions.

EVA-Floaters on the bar-ends protect the hands during handle passes and help to keep the bar clearly afloat on the water surface after crashes.

3x-times Adjustable Bar Width: The INFINITY-BAR will be available in 50 and 60cm. Each size can be individually adjusted to create 2 further sizes to reduce the bar width by another 5 or 10cm.

  • 50cm INFINITY-BAR: optional/additional bar widths: 45cm and 40cm
  • 60cm INFINITY-BAR: optional/additional bar widths: 55cm and 50cm

Higher Breaking Strength: The breaking strength of the new INFINITY-BAR has been increased significantly. Extensive breaking and durability test have been made with temperatures up to -40 degrees Celsius.

Thanks to a special Guidance Block the 5th line runs smooth and free, without the need of an annoying stopper. Another industry first.

For our new Depower Loop, we decided for the best system which is currently available on the market. FLYSURFER has started a successful cooperation with Hiss-Tech and will use their beloved, tested and proven Depower loop, which now comes standard on all PSYCHO4s with INFINITY-BAR.



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Chicken Loop Function


Trim Tips

Chicken Loop Trim

Optimization of the chicken loop for maximum safety and compatibility.

We received one message regarding a non-functioning quick-release, and have paid close attention to the problem. A rare combination of a used harness hook, soiled and quite used quick-release was the reason for the malfunction.

In used condition or with soiling, function failure may occur, even failure to release, particularly if there is a very narrow harness hook used.

Furthermore, the phenomenon occurs especially at low loads around 50kg, while the system releases properly at higher loads above 100kg. A modern safety-system has to be compatible with every harness-hook and must open in all cases reliably.

Therefore we recommend a simple modification, which optimizes function and compatibility.

The quick-release can be modified in a few minutes on your own, you can review a short manual afterwards. There’s also a small video manual available:

Those who don’t have the technical possibilities should contact their FLYSURFER / CORE Partner (dealer, importer) or send their quick-release directly to FLYSURFER / CORE for modification. To send it separately, you will find a small manual here which shows the procedure for separating the chicken loop from the bar System.

Generally, we recommend regular test releasing under load for every quick-release, no matter which type or brand and we also recommend avoidance of excessive soiling.