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Brand: Ozone


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From the beginning, our design was something different from other flat or BOW kites. Sure we tried all the other ideas people were starting to use, but every time, we found that the simpler the kite the better it was. instinct

In the end, what we have in the Instinct is what we would describe as a typical Ozone product - a kite that is not more complicated than it needs to be and works so well because of it’s simplicity

  • N.E.W Hybrid design
  • No pulleys in the kite or the bar
  • No Complex bow bridles = No Inverting
  • Maximum control in waves
  • Execels unhooked
  • Massive hangtime
  • Gust muncher - Total stability all conditions
  • High quality design and build
  • Huge wind range
  • Confidence inspiring in strong conditions
  • Powerful during lugth wind days >> Low end power with high end control
  • One kite for all conditions and styles


Absolutely NO pulleys anywhere on this kite or bar

This means there is no-disconnection or friction between the kite and rider which gives the rider direct feedback/feeling from the kite. Pulleys reduce the feel you get from a kite therefore making it harder for the rider to feel and therefore control the kite instinctively

No ARCH Bridling

As you can see from the picture you connect your flying lines to the Instinct as with any standard 5-line C-Kite but the difference with the Instinct being the centre line is used as part of the support and trim system of the kite and is not used as part of a safety system at all. In our testing we found that the classic arc style bridling as found on other flat kite designs actually causes these designs to be able to invert when sheeted out aggressively even whilst riding. We found this out very early on and worked in a different direction to find a better solution to supporting the Instinct

Anti-Invert System

One of the challenges facing designers working on flat designs is their tendency to invert once the kite has crashed onto the water and is laying on its back. We knew this from the start and kept working on different ideas. The solution is a simple idea that not only stops the invert but actually helps the rider to relaunch

Depower Range

“My god does this kite have a huge depower range” (quote from David, Instinct designer) The Instinct is a gust muncher; the short range of our chicken loop length allows the rider to depower with ease and on demand. The bar range from power to full depower is within arms reach and removes the need to have a push through safety as the safety is within the riders normal reach

Balanced Bar Pressure

The Instinct has the perfect balance, not so light that you can no longer feel the kite and not so hard that it hurts when your back in the office the next day!


Jumping on the Instinct feels like your flying! Intermediate riders will love how effortless it is to jump and experts will be in orbit with huge grins

Speed System

Working in harmony with the bar depower is the ability to be able to change the trim speed of the kite (much like a paraglider) without altering the neutral bar position. Unlike other kites our trim system actually sets the angle of attack and hence the trim-speed of the kite. What this means for the rider is the usable speed range is increased giving both low end power and high end control



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Instinct 2006 9.0 -

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Instinct 2006 11.0 -

Instinct 2006 11.0 -

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Instinct 2006 11.0 -

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