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Brand: Ozone


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This is an affordable, ultra light, 3 strut kite ideal for a wide range of riders and conditions. The Light is fun and easy to fly and we feel this versatile machine will redefine recreational Kitesurfing.

The Light is the perfect travel kite; light in weight and packs very small due to its compact size and minimalist 3 Strut Concept. Take the 12m on holiday with your surfboard and you have the perfect travel combo that will be under any airlines weight limits! The low end grunt of the Instinct Light is truly impressive and combined with its massive depower, the wind range of the Light allows you to consider a one size quiver for most days.

For wave riding, the Light’s low weight is the secret that unleashes its increased performance from such a stable shape. It literally hangs in the air even in super light winds and at the edge of the wind window…. it just keeps pulling. The lightness is really felt when on fast waves …when moving with a quick wave the rider can easily overtake the kite and create less tension on the lines between rider and kite. While a heavy kite loses power and dies in this situation, the Instinct Light just keeps pulling away from the rider maintaining constant tension & pressure in the lines. This allows the rider to concentrate 100% on the wave knowing that the Light is always ready, and with its progressive steering one can confidently snap turns at will up or down the line.

For intermediate riders interested in learning to ride unhooked the Light is also the kite to own. You can un-hook without stressing your head with crazy power, the Light seriously makes riding un-hooked easy and stress free and therefore makes it easier for you to master your moves. This is the unhooked school kite that will allow the rider to learn those ballsy moves with ease.

The Light has also been designed to be as easy and adaptable as possible, making it the ideal kite for schools and beginners looking for simplicity and a quick learning curve. Line Trimmers affixed above each bar end, allow instructors to adjust the perfect line tension for any wind condition. If you prefer more bar pressure, simply pull in the trimmers. Want that light feel, just let the trimmer back out.

The relaunch is almost automatic, just turn the bar and it’s in the air. The Lights constant power and fluid steering combined with user friendly characteristics makes the Light a dream for accelerating any learning curve. It is powerful enough to tow into the largest of waves, yet its low aspect shape will keep you on your board and not eject you when the trigger is pulled.

We also feel that this kite is ideal for the occasional kiter or family that loves kiting yet does not want to invest in a lot of equipment. With the Light they have the best of all worlds, a fun and easy kite for all ages of the family that has full depower, re-assuring safety, easy relaunch, and not only is it light in weight it is also light on the wallet.

  • No Pulleys in the kite or the bar
  • Easy relaunch – just turn the bar
  • Total Depower – From Full Power to No Power
  • Predictable and easy handling
  • Huge wind-range >> Low end and High end
  • Points high into the wind >> Easy to ride upwind
  • 07 Bar design with integrated flag out safety and O-Shit handle

All in all it’s a kite to leave you smiling! We all love the Light as have the many riders of all levels that have tested it the past months. For sure it has creases appearing from the power line attachment but that is cosmetic and due to the new concept of only supporting the Light with 3 struts. When designing anything you face problems that need a solution, there are always trade-offs for ideas or concepts. The Light’s brief was to be super light in weight to make it fun and easy for a versatile use. We have achieved this but the trade off are the creases caused by only supporting the kites structure by 3 struts.

Test the Light and make your own judgment, but we are 100% confident that you will love the Lights fun, performance characteristics and see a new design drive throughout the industry for lighter kites. We do not agree with recent kite designs that see modern kites looking like a windsurf sail with crazy battens and added weight! You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realize that all that weight added to a kite is not going to help its flying ability. We gave up windsurfing for simplicity and serious altitude; leave the battens & hassles to the plank lovers.


Span Lines

Whilst designing the original Instinct in 2005 we noticed the problem that all flat kites suffer if they are allowed onto their back when crashed onto the water.

In this situation all BOW/SLE/Hybrid/Flat kites will invert if the rider, particularly a beginner does not keep tension on the back lines by pulling the bar in once the kite has crashed. To us this wasn’t acceptable so we added what we call span lines.

Our span lines do not hold any tension when the kite is in-flight. It does not add stability like many thought, it merely stops the instincts from being able to flatten out. If you are an above average rider you do not need the span lines and that is why we have only attached them with a larks foot knot. We recommend that you leave them attached as supplied from the factory.

Anti Scuff Pads

Keeping the leading edge ultra light but at the same time protecting the structural stitching, these Dacron anti scuff pads ensure that the leading edge stitching remains intact when the kite is dragged along the ground during self launch or landing. A light weight leading edge is the key to an aerodynamic kite’s performance. No battens and no lumpy, drag inefficient heavy scuff pads ensure this. Battens also weaken the cloth as its more weight in the wrong place flapping and stretching the material around the batten ends >> far from ideal.

New Planform & Tip shape

The Instinct’s tip has been designed with water relaunch and turning speed in mind, it is more swept and the Y bridle configuration ensures the power from the back lines is applied to the correct part of the tip during the turn to keep the power constant and direct. The turn is initiated at the bottom of the tip, creating a faster reaction time, then, as the kite moves through the turn, the power is smoothed out and comes from further up the tip until it reaches the top of the bridle. No pulleys here mean DIRECT TIP STEERING.

New Strut Ends

Chamfered strut tips. The tips of the strut on the Instinct have been swept to a more aerodynamic shape, improving the airflow release and also eliminating the chances of the lines catching on the tip during launch or relaunch.

Anti line catch mesh

The leading edge of the Instinct is supported by a bridle, if the kite hits the water then the bridle and lines can become slack and catch on the valves. This simple mesh design stops the bridle lines from becoming wrapped round the inflation valves and opening them inadvertently. It also keeps the airflow smoother over the valve area, adding to the kites performance.

Anti-Line Catcher > LE Tip

For the 2007 models we have added a simple anti-line catcher to the tip ends that help ensure lines roll of the end of the leading edge to avoid line hang-ups which can create an un-safe launch situation. You will notice that we have designed this simple yet effective anti-line catcher with webbing but with a solid insert so it actually works. Other companies just add webbing which still allow the kite lines to get caught between the sail and the leading edge tube.

Ultra thin struts

The thinner the strut the faster the kite and the less performance is lost from disturbed airflow. These struts have been reduced to the minimum possible size without compromising structural stability.

High quality workmanship

The Ozone team have over 15 years of paragliding design and manufacturing experience which results in amazing craftsmanship and stress management, accurate stitching only where necessary. Self Rescue handles, Anti scuff pads and Strut base reinforcement are all visible here.

Bullet Proof Construction

Reinforced bridle points and anti scuff pads. Extra material is placed inside the leading edge for bombproof attachment points. The scuff pad stitching is not structural; it only holds the pad in place, all the structural stitching is beneath the scuff pad.


The bladders on all instincts are made from the highest grade of PU with double layers of PU at both ends of the struts (see picture). This extra layer adds protection in the right area and is one of the reasons Ozone bladders are leading the industry.


Our philosophy has always been to use only the finest materials available for any of our products and for our Kitesurf range this is no different. Tube kites take a particularly harsh beating due to the sand and salt environment therefore we decided to use the industries tried and tested sail cloth to ensure our kites keep their designed factory trim even after hundreds of hours of use.

Main sail

For the main body of the sail we have used Tejin Polyester Rip-stop. Not the cheapest material option but by far the best material available in the industry

LE & Struts

For the leading edge and struts we have chosen Dimension Polyant Dacron, also the leading Dacron manufacturer in the World. The structural part of a tube kite takes unbelievable amounts of stress and its imperative that a quality cloth is used otherwise the kites characteristics will change


We use the leading PU material for all our bladders and we are meticulous with their production to ensure you have a bladder that will not fail during normal use. Bladders can be a kiter’s worst nightmare; it was ours before we started making our own LEI’s! We use the finest valve machine available to electrically join the valves to the leading edge and struts.



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