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Brand: Ozone


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Low aspect ratio 5-line flat kite with One-Pump and 3 struts >> Ultra light in weight, affordable, the Light II is the ideal kite for anyone new to kiting constructed using exactly the same materials as our other models so its not Light in strength or durability.


The Instinct 08 Models are a dream to re-launch, just turn the bar fully to one side and the kite rolls over onto its tip. The rider can either re-launch immediately with the kite downwind and de-powered or allow the kite to work its way to the edge of the wind window, either way the all three models (Light II, Sport II, Edge II) provide a stress free re-launch.


All of the 2008 Instincts feature the patented One Pump inflation system, regarded as the most durable and reliable single point inflation system on the market. We won’t bother trying to disrespect the original creators by calling it some over hyped name – we would instead just like to thank Slingshot for bringing the finest (simplest system to the industry).

For the 08 models we have the neoprene socks secured both ends to make it far easier to use whilst improving the protection of the kites sail when rolled up. (2007 were only secured one end) A large dump valve releases air pressure quickly allowing you to pack down as fast as you set up.


Continuous smooth radius wingtip perfected in shape to increase turning speed and aid re-launch yet perfected in size to ensure the kite is balanced to stop any stall possibilities.


Cleanly designed bag with large volume so its easy to pack in your kite.

Instinct Light 2 2008 11.jpg

New internal bar pocket to separate and protect your kite from the bar.

Extra inner bag to protect your kite. The inner bag is very useful for example if you are travelling with a boardbag you do not always wish to take the main kite bag. But your kite still needs protection so that’s where the separate inner bag made from a robust yet lightweight material helps protect your kite and keep it neat and secure.

Instinct Light 2 2008 12.jpg

Board carrier on the back held on by the side compression straps.

Instinct Light 2 2008 13.jpg

External pocket for keys, spares and tools.


Aerodynamic Leading edge scuff pads

Light therefore keeping weight off the leading edge which is very important for better performing kites

Narrow optimally designed diameter leading edge tube and struts

Strong structure and less “parasitic drag” as kite cuts through the air.

New Tip Shape

For a faster turn and to also give a more constant pressure throughout the D-Power range

Direct Line to Kite feel

No pulleys in Kite or bar

2:1 depower trim strap

Which gives each model a constant feel from normal trim to full depower using the smooth clamcleat Trimmer Strap. For 08 3-way rings made in highest grade 316 Stainless

New 08 Stopper ball

For the safety flag out line so that the bar does not shoot up the lines to far when emergency final safety release is activated. (span width of kite)


On all 3 models – Light II – Sport II – Edge II

The Worlds finest material selection

No compromise, giving you peace of mind in buying into a quality manufactured product that will last.

Unique bladder construction

With double layer sections in wear areas = No failures

Leading industry service and support

If you have a problem we will deal with it.


Instinct Brochure

Instinct 2008


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