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Brand: Gin


  • 4.5
  • 6.0
  • 8.0
  • 10.5


The INUIT is our intermediate foil kite, setup to be used with a 4line depower bar. The kite offers the best compromise between a high performance foil kite and great accessibility for all kind of riders, from beginners to advanced kiters.

When developing the INUIT Robert Graham was following the design of the ESKIMO for performance and handling while bringing in the stable characteristics and accessibility of the ZIG. The kite has an excellent light handling with minimal bar pressure - quite unusual for foil kites. It flies really smooth and reassures with its stability.

The result is a kite which offers the best you can get for an intermediate foil kite. Great for riders who want to take a taste of snowkiting for example. It's perfect for making the first steps in a new environment, where the INUIT is able to provide some additional comfort and confidence, but all of that without having to give away too much of performance and handling which will be able bring you right up to the top level. The INUIT also features a very simple depower system which is working with the brakes and C-lines, making it very effective at the same time.

3 Flavours: pitaya / lime / orange

Accessories: The INUIT comes with a newly designed bar - which is held very simple but is effective and easy to use. The same applies to the new INUIT backpack, which is delivered with every kite.


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User Manual PDF

User Manual PDF








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