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Brand: North


  • 128x38.5
  • 132x39.5
  • 135x40.5


The Jaime is back for 2009 as a free-ride/new-school crossover. An evolution of last year‘s Jaime board, the shape has been optimized with narrower tips for a smoother ride. The Jaime remains fast and poppy for powered freestyle but with slightly softer flex characteristics than the Pro Series. The combination of medium flex and our new carbon light-wood construction dampens the chop and gives the Jaime new levels of comfort and gives you the best of both worlds; New school performance and free ride comfort.

"Holy Cow! Seven Generations of Pro Models!

Kiteboarding keeps evolving; the new kites are a lot safer and have more performance and ease of use. Also, the needs of kiters have changed and nowadays we all expect a lot from the equipment we ride. At North we have the experience and the vast resources to fulfill those needs. Throughout the test process of the new models we’ve developed a new construction that translates into more comfort and livelier performance when compared to their predecessors.

Thanks to the asymmetrical concave and the medium flex, the Jaime Pro line has been proven to be the fastest board in our “Pro” line and also the one with better upwind ability. The tip shape gives the board both good pop and easy landings. We’ve fine tuned the outlines to match the new construction and improved the accessories on the board. The Jaime Pro 2009 will please riders seeking a complete board that will be both fun and challenging, cruising on a long down-winder or pushing their level to the next impossible move…Because we think comfort and performance can continually be improved at the same pace and we’ll never give up that premise." - Jaime Herraiz


  • High Performance Board
  • All Terrain
  • Top Up Wind Performance
  • Fast & Smooth
  • 3D Carbon Light Woodcore
  • Asymetrical Concave
  • Medium Flex



Jaime Pro 2009 1.png

Jaime Pro 2009 2.png

Jaime Pro 2009 3.png


Sky Solbach Interview


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