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Jeremie Tronet



30. September 1986

Kiting Since

I was already flying a small 3 meter foil kite in 1998, playing around with my bodyboard, laying on it and having fun. I didn't have money to buy a real kite so, around 2000 I built my first kite alone using my grand mothers sewing machine during my summer holiday, I was only 13 years old, and it was a copy of the first Naish tube 7m AR 3.5 !

Pro Rider Period

I started my first competition around 2002, 2001, it was the Caribbean championship and the French national tour but I was at school at the same time and I wasn't actually paid to kite. I have been able to live from kiting for 2 years now.

Favorite Style

I like all kind of riding styles, if it is well done it looks good . Everybody has his own style.

I personally work more on wakestyle tricks with all kinds of handle passes . I am training a lot on grabs with passes, it gives a nice clean style I think. The new Diablo "C" kite from Ocean Rodeo is an amazing tool for me to perform that kind of tricks.

But when the wind picks up and I am really over powered I always enjoy going high and have some fun ...

I also keep doing my "Jesus style" trick which people really enjoy watching !

When the waves are good enough, I enjoy going in with the new Mako directional surf from Ocean Rodeo.

Local Beach

I learned in Martinique, in Cap Chevalier which is the place I have been kiting the most when I was young.

But per year, I think the spot I am the most on might be the Cauipe lagoon of Cumbuco in Brazil.

Favorite Beaches

I like the Barra do Cauipe in Cumbuco in Brazil for it's amazing wind statistics and the flat water.

The Caribbean is also a great place to kite, in Martinique or in the Grenadines islands where I love to spend time. The wind isn't as good as Brazil but you get transparent blue water.

Current Sponsors

For this year I have two sponsors supporting me, Ocean Rodeo and Zeal optics.

I started my partnership with Ocean Rodeo 4 years ago now, I saw the company growing slowly and I am really proud to work with such a company. They are really close to their customers and always listen to what people have to say. It is something I think is important to keep a good reputation.

For this year, I decided to focus on the trips around the world, to discover many new beaches, cultures and places. My goal is to bring as many photos and videos for magazines and Internet websites like

The region of Martinique helps me out financially as well.

Former Sponsors

  • Wipika
  • Radical
  • Pacific Motion
  • Cool Shoe
  • Julbo



  • Caribbean Champion


  • Caribbean Champion
  • 2nd Best Trick PKRA Cabarete


  • Caribbean Champion



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