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A board off with doing some steps on the water before getting back into the straps.

How To

1. Don't be too powered.

2. Ride with normal speed.

3. Keep the kite just before the zenith.

4. Then pop off the water and grab your board with the front hand, while holding down the bar with the left hand close tot eh center to stay in the air.

5. Now do as many steps on the water as possible, while you steer the kite slowly over the zenith (don't steer it too far behind it)

6. Get back into the straps and meanwhile keep pulling the kite hard to make it loop (move your hand to the bar end), so you get some extra airtime.

7. Land and keep riding.


  • Doing a kiteloop instead of a transition makes it easier. For a transition the timing has to be perfect, less perfect with a kiteloop, which gives you a bit more time to get back into the straps. The landing will be faster though.


Jeremy Tronet

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Jeremy Tronet

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Jeremy Tronet

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