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Brand: Advance


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The Kaiman’s project was born in 2004 when the Advance R&D Team designed and built an inflatable hang-glider. At first one of the designers thought that one of his colleagues was joking with him, but after seeing the strange prototype flying the group saw great potential on the performances of the profile.

From that day the project has improved to obtain the ideal kite’s behaviour to satisfy the modern kiter.

This challenge has lasted three years and has resulted with an innovative product that beat the competition.

The Kaiman is a Plug & Play kite with Total De-Power and Big Wind Range. Re-launching as never been easier - no more swimming or pulling on the 5^ line - simply pull the bar left or right.

The bar is pleasantly soft and very precise to the command always reliable giving tight and quick turns.

New materials with new technology have been used on the frame of the Kaiman much lighter and strong reinforcing critical points keeping the kite light in weight but offering max strength.

The Kaiman is awesome for waves and free ride that can satisfy any demanding rider and can also be brilliant for free-style and un-hooked tricks - its so easy to control in any situation - it can easily be placed within the best kites in the market for beginners and leisure.


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