Karma 2006

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Brand: Takoon


  • 128x36.5
  • 128x40


KARMA 128*36,5

The replica of Herve Bourré board, twice wavemaster. This innovative shape with some real volume work is a new dimension board. ABS type construction, with a maximum of pop for the radical freestyle addicted. Round and progressive rail for fluid surfs and exceptional glide. Airex and Wood mix core construction for a better flex distribution and a unmatched weight/ solidity ratio. The whole shape is in 3 D with volume zones, grab zones and good flex control. The round rails have all surf characteristics: leaning against the centre provides smoothness and tolerance in the curves. The 2006 best seller!

KARMA 128*40

Same program riders that want to launch fast, or that enjoy overpowered rides, light wind navigation. Suitable for heavier riders or the wakestyle riders. Very fast board easy to control even in strong winds.



Karma 2006 3.jpg

Karma 2006 1.jpg

Karma 2006 2.jpg

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