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Brand: Takoon


  • 128x38
  • 128x40


The Karma design is totally different from the «traditional» boards! It excels in two programs: wave riding and freestyle.

The round progressive rails and the specs are just perfect for the surf. On the other side, the hull shape and the flex offer great freestyle performances. The whole shape is in 3 D with volume zones, grab zones and good flex control.

Hervé Bouré board looses few mm thicknesses for better edge and get more for soft landing.From the first tack, the Karma surprises by its exceptional glide the fast accelerations. It slices water, remains very stable and comfortable in mushy conditions and pushes you to hit the lip. Thanks to its round rails, manoeuvrability is really good. An efficient wave riding board!

On the freestyle side, the new Karma offers more reactivity. Less rigid and lighter, it became catchy in freestyle and landing are easier.

Construction is completely remodelled; the PVC core is reinforced under the heels and the back rail to guarantee the most extreme receptions. The ABS cap offers maximum pop for freestyle addicts.

Intended for good riders, an intermediate will like the glide and will be able to progress in freestyle. Ideal for versatile riders who ride on spots where the waves are not always here.

  • 128x38: Surf tendency and strong wing for expert (Weight: 2.32 kg)
  • 128x40: Wakestyle tendency and lighter wind (Weight: 2.43 kg)


Product PDF

Product PDF


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