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Brand: Takoon


  • 128x38
  • 138x39


The Kick is designed for kitesurfers who are looking for an efficient and low price board.

It is an evolution of the Vegas with an ABS construction. With a bit more scoop and thinner rails, it becomes more comfortable in strong wind.

The new Kick is an ultra versatile board with an excellent glide allowing you to play in all conditions. Whatever the conditions are, the board adapts to them keeping fast acceleration and control under the feet.

Jumps are easier thanks to a great pop without overtax, the board edges well.

This is the perfect board to give a good kick to your progression, without having to change the board after 6 months.

Large enough, you’ll get planing quickly.

  • 128x38: for intermediate to expert kitesurfers. Weight fully equipped: 3.1 kg
  • 138x39: for beginners to intermediate riders, or heavy guys. Weight fully equipped: 3.2 kg


Product PDF

Product PDF


Kick 2007 1.png

Kick 2007 2.png



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